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ana [userpic]
10 ways to improve self-esteem
by ana (ugly_letters)
at August 17th, 2006 (01:41 pm)

Love this article, though I haven't had the motivation to do it.

Techniques to improve self-esteem

10-minute technique

People with poor self-esteem often fail to give themselves enough time and space. So find 10 minutes every day to be alone and to just sit and do nothing. Some people find it helpful to close their eyes and imagine a country scene or the sight and sound of waves gently lapping against the seashore. During this 10 minutes, allow yourself to feel peaceful and happy. Enjoy this time. It is yours - and yours alone. And you deserve it.

Finding 10 minutes for you is a caring thing to do and you will feel better for doing it.

Accentuate the positive

Often we make ourselves unhappy because we go over and over mistakes that we have made. But we can feel happier, and improve our self-esteem, if we re-think those things we believe we have done wrong or badly.

For example, one of my clients has to give presentations at work. He used to mentally beat himself up after every one. He would go over and over tiny errors in his mind. Now he writes an account of each presentation shortly after he' s given it. And I have encouraged him to write about all the things that went well - not badly. He doesn't need to write about the bad things - they will stick in his memory and he will try hard not to repeat them. But he will forget the good things - unless he writes them down.

So when you have a bad day, or something goes wrong in your relationship or at work, write an account of what went right with that episode, not what went wrong. The results will surprise you - and improve how you see yourself.

List 50 things you like about yourself

If you're seriously lacking in self-esteem this could take weeks! But persevere.

You can write down your characteristics, or things about your looks. You can even write down things that you do that you happen to like about yourself. For example, you may buy a copy of The Big Issue on a day when you're feeling particularly short of money yourself, or you may help an elderly woman in the supermarket sort out how much her groceries are going to cost, even though you're rushing to get your own shopping done in your lunch hour.

When you have reached your 50 good things, keep the list somewhere you can see it all the time.

Next comes an even harder part. Try to record one more, new thing you like about yourself every day for the rest of your life!

rest of it HERE.