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I can show you where the light is...

if only you take my hand.

I'll show you love, I'll show you everything...
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Brush by ewanism. Images from GettyImages

A place for recoverers. A place of light and hope. Join no_more_despair!


'I will show you why you must live. I will give you light when all else fades. I can help you. Just take my hand...'
Sometimes all we need is just a little hope.

This is a place for those who seek recovery. For people who are ready for change, ready to change themselves. No more despair. Let us break the chains that binds us. I know for a fact that there will be light; you just have to look for it. Nothing comes without effort.

Everyday is a good day- you will find out in time.

So let us sharpen our spears and fight the battle we have within ourselves. Let us acheive victory.


Inspiration, motivation and optimism. Everyday quotes, pictures, and joy. Inspiring lyrics, stories and poems. Faith.

What did you do today? Did someone make you smile? Did you help somebody?


- Everyone or anyone looking for hope can join. Just apply.
- This community is not only for the recovering, but for anyone who wishes to be motivated, or for fellow recoverers.
- You MUST be sure that recovery is what you want, to ensure that your stay here is worthwhile.
- No pro-SI, pro-ED, nothing negative at all. This is a place for RECOVERY.
- Have faith. Believe. Not everything is always depressing.


- Ranting and venting is ALLOWED. Although this is a place of optimism. Find out the reasons of your unhappiness, analyse them and see what you can do to make it better.
- Post as regularly as you will. Inspire us.
- Try not to post things such as, 'I want to die, there is no place for me.' You are here because you believe there is something worth living for and you want to become a better person.
- Tears are not forbidden.
- If there should be a need for any triggering posts, please please PUT IT BEHIND A CUT.

If you have been accepted, read the MOD POST and introduce yourselves! Have a nice day.